1 & 2/11: BCWF at Jyva'Zik - Mont-Saint-Guibert

Salvatore Bellomo was born on July 18, 1951, in Hornu, Belgium.

He started his career at a fair in Liège at the young age of 16. He went on to become the only Belgian to have competed for WWF (now WWE) and ECW.

Still in love with the business that he made his living from his whole life, he has been sharing that passion with young students since 2005.

BWS Champions

BWS Champion: Matt Scorpion (07.30.2016)
Tag Team: ()

BCWF Champions

European: 'One & Only' Joey D (12.03.2016)
Tag Team: Extreme Fury & Oger (11.27.2010)

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